Terms and Conditions

(Please read carefully)

  1. Account Payment Terms are strictly 30 days from end of month.
  2. New Customers may be subject to an initial 3 month C.O.D. at the discretion of MKSL. After such time the Customer shall then transfer to a 3 month probationary account period. If at the end of this 3 month period the Customer has abided by the MKSL’s Terms and Conditions then the Customer shall no longer be considered probationary. If however the Customer has not abided by MKSL’s Terms and Conditions they shall revert to a C.O.D. basis.
  3. The Customer acknowledges that MKSL has the right to set the credit limit on the facility made available, and to vary those limits anytime, at MKSL’s absolute discretion.
  4. Overdue balance may incur interest at the applicable base lending rate plus 2% calculated monthly from the date when payment fell due until fully paid.
  5. MKSL may charge the Customer a fee for paying this account by credit card. If so, the credit card fee will be an amount up to 2.50% of the amount of the credit card payment plus the applicable GST.
  6. MKSL may from time to time alter these Terms and Conditions of New Account Application (T&Cs) and such altered T&Cs will apply in respect of all transaction after notification to the Customer of such alterations.
  7. If the Customer fails to pay MKSL the outstanding amounts on due dates, or fails to comply with its obligations, MKSL may place a hold on the Customer’s account until such time as full payment is made. Additional correspondence (emails, letters) made by MKSL in an attempt to obtain payment of outstanding amounts may incur a $15.00 administration fee for each instance of correspondence, MKSL may also revoke the Account and require any further transactions by the Customer to be on a cash basis and require that all amounts owing to MKSL become immediately due and payable.
  8. Should a Customer account be inactive with no transactions for a 6 month period their account will be closed. Should the Customer then wish to resume business with MKSL a new MKSL Account Form must be filled out.
  9. The Customer agrees to indemnify MKSL for any costs, commissions and legal expenses which MKSL incurs arising from the collection of any overdue monies.
  10. If request by MKSL, the Customer agrees to provide MKSL with a Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity in the form required by MKSL. If the Customer is a company, MKSL may at its discretion require the Directors of Customer execute the Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity.
  11. All sales of Goods made by MKSL to or for the Customer are made upon the terms contained in MKSL’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sales as amended from time to time. A copy of MKSL’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sales can be obtained from MKSL on request.
  12. Ownership of the goods supplied by MKSL will not pass to the Customer and will remain with MKSL until such time as the Goods, the subject of the contract, and all debts owing by the Customer have been paid in full. The Customer irrevocably authorises MKSL at any time to enter any premises upon which the Goods are stored to enable MKSL to inspect the Goods (including any records pertaining to the Goods) and, if the Customer has breached these T&Cs or suffers an Insolvency Event, recover the Goods and/or dispose of the Goods until payment has been received in full. If MKSL enters any premises for the purpose of reclaiming possession of on inspecting the Goods, and incurs any liability to any person in connection with the entry, inspection or reclamation, the Customer indemnifies MKSL against the liability. If any of the Goods have been joined to another product, then in taking possession, MKSL must remove the product that was not supplied by MKSL or in which title has passed to the Customer. MKSL’s title to the Goods is not affected by the fact that the Goods become fixtures attached to premises of the Customer or a third party.
  13. Until such time as the Goods have been paid for in full and all other debt owing MKSL discharged, the Customer: (a) must securely store and properly protect or insure the Goods, including storing them on its premises separately and in such a manner as to show clearly that they are the property of MKSL; (b) must ensure the Goods are kept in good condition; (c) must not sell the Goods, other than in the ordinary course of its business; and (d) must not sell, assign, charge or otherwise encumber or grant any interest over any debts and other obligations which any third party may owe to the Customer as a result of the resale of the Goods. Nothing in the clause 11 limits or excludes MKSL’s interest as principal in those debts and obligations.
  14. If the Customer sells any of the Goods while they remain the property of MKSL, and receives proceeds of the sale or receives any other proceeds, whether tangible or intangible, direct or indirect, of any dealing with Goods (including proceeds from insurance claims) the Customer grants MKSL a security interest in every payment to the Customer for the Goods (both as proceeds of the Goods and as original collateral). If the Customer receives the proceeds by payment to a bank account, the Customer must arrange for this to be a separate bank account.
  15. If the sale price of all Goods sold to the Customer is greater than the sum of all payments actually received by MKSL in respect of the Goods, the difference remains a debt owing by the Customer to MKSL.
  16. Until the Goods have been paid for in full & any other debt owing by the Customer to MKSL has been discharged, every payment to the Customer in respect of the Goods must be taken to be a payment: (a) firstly, of any amount owed by the Customer to MKSL that is not subject to security interest; (b) secondly, of any amount owed by the Customer to MKSL
  17. MKSL must be contacted within 48 hours of receiving goods regarding any discrepancies with the delivery. Claims made for discrepancies within our delivery docket/invoices will not be accepted or considered if we are not notified within this time period.
  18. Orders placed with MSKL require a minimum of 24-48 hours notice at the discretion of MKSL dependant on staff available to process the order.
  19. All hire linen must be placed in the white linen bags provided. Coloured or striped bags will be provided for non hire/your own linen. MKSL are not responsible for any linen placed in the incorrect bags. The Customer therefore relinquishes the right to any form of compensation if the Customers own linen is lost as a result of placing it in the incorrect bag.
  20. Hire linen is not to be removed from the premises by the Customer or cleaned/laundered by the Customer at any time. Should the Customer clean/launder the hire linen themselves further service will be forfeited and charges may apply.


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