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Here at MKSL we have many green products that are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable.

As society in general becomes more aware about their footprint and the importance of protecting the environment by using green products, the demand for them has become increasingly higher.

Eco-friendly products, also known as green products, are products that don’t harm the environment (whether in their production, use, or even disposal). Green products help conserve energy, minimizes carbon footprints or the emission of greenhouse gases and doesn’t lead to a lot of toxicity and pollution.


BioPak provide more sustainable plat-based solutions that seamlessly replace packaging made from non-renewable fossil-based resources. They offset all the carbon emissions associated with the production, transport and disposal of their products.

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Caprice Green offers Australian’s a sustainable choice that is environmentally sound. Caprice Green is manufactured from 100% recycled material and finished in simple yet stylish packaging.

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